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Tourism in Lanzarote

Tourism in Lanzarote is one of the island’s biggest industries and has been for many years. Located in the Atlantic Ocean 125 miles from the North African coast, Lanzarote is the eastern most of the Canary Islands and is one of the island chain’s most popular destinations for tourists. The although located 1000 miles south of the Iberian peninsula, the islands are Spanish and therefore have much in common with other Spanish islands such as Minorca and Majorca which all of course, have much in common with the large tourist destinations on the Spanish mainland’s coast. Unlike some of the other eastern Mediterranean tourist destinations like Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo, these Spanish destinations cater to mass tourism rather than the individual tourists looking for glitz and glamour but do offer what most tourists want which sand, sea and a lively night life. Mass tourism has however led to these destinations relying on large, impersonal hotels which cater to the wants of the travel agents rather than the tourists themselves but this is something which is starting to change in Lanzarote at least.

One of the more recently opened hotels in Lanzarote, the La Isla Y El Mar has only 82 rooms making it far more personal than many of the larger hotels on the island and it is fitting in with a new image that the island is starting to portray, one of being a chic and eco-friendly holiday destination. The island does not expect or want to become another Monte Carlo but it does want to offer tourists a choice other than the pre-determined holidays offered by the large travel companies and has already made inroads to doing so. This hotel, like most on the island, has a swimming pool but this pool is strategically placed next to a large terrace which affords some of the best ocean views on the island. To add to its personal touch, the hotel has its own spa which offers guests wide choice of treatments both local in origins as well as some of the better known international treatments. Perhaps it is the spa’s specialty in offering special packages for couple treatments, allowing a couple to enjoy in similar relaxations but one leaning towards treatments for women and the other for men.

The suites are all airy and spacious with 6 of them being deluxe for those that prefer the added touch of luxury. There are two restaurants to choose from, one offering an al la carte menu including modern fusion cuisine whilst the other offers selections from an international buffet. The poolside terrace also has a snack bar where light snacks, ice creams or even cocktails can be bought to enjoy whilst relaxing by the pool which is heated during the winter months. Although the hotel offers a more personal touch, guests can keep in touch with the other tourists as the nearest beach is only 400m away and the island’s most popular beach is only 1km from the hotel.