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The Vanity Case

The vanity case is a container which today features in many ladies bedrooms but was originally intended merely as a travel case. It was designed as a case which would contain various hair and skin products which a gentleman may need to smarten his appearance during a visit far from home. It was designed so that the gentleman would not have to rummage through all his cases just to find a comb, pair of scissors or shoe shine kit, all of those things were in a separate case, a vanity case as it is now known. Not really planned to be one, not at first anyway, the vanity case became somewhat of a status symbol as they were only bought by those that could afford to travel and that was only the wealthy.

That was in the early Victorian period but by the end of that period, well to do ladies had also started to travel and so vanity cases were made especially for them. It was when these well to do ladies realized how convenient it was to have all their hair and makeup supplies all in one place and easy at hand that they started to use the vanity cases even when they were home. This then led to vanity cases being designed specifically for a lady’s bedroom and they almost instantly became very popular and were no longer considered just something for the wealthy.

Today it remains the same, there is no thought about a vanity case being a status symbol, merely a convenience which any woman could enjoy and make the most of. There are still though some vanity cases which are still designed specifically for travel and some, those which are usually used by actors, actresses or models, are extremely large. The size of these vanity cases means that they often come complete with castors or wheels for easy mobility and have mirrors and perhaps even lights. All these things are probably necessary for those professionals that use them as they rarely know where their next photo shoot may be, perhaps somewhere where there are no dressing rooms in which case a large vanity case becomes essential.

The sheer number of vanity cases available today, both large and small is rather daunting and so before setting off to a store to buy one, most people today first look online to see the wide variety there are and by doing so, learn what exactly to look for when they do go to the stores.

Apart from actors and male models, there are no so many men that own a vanity case even though originally, it was men they were made for. Vanity cases or makeup cases as they often referred to are now big business with makeup cases UK being high on a lady’s list of gift options. Women alone though make vanity cases a thriving business with most women owning one which often is kept on a dressing table next to their jewelry boxes.