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London Prices

London, like many other capitals around the world, often have higher prices for goods and services than elsewhere in a country and this even applies to the prices professional cleaning companies may charge. Although this may even reflect in end of tenancy cleaning London prices, end of tenancy professional cleaning should still be considered by out-going tenants.

A tenant reaching the end of their tenancy agreement can feel a lot of stress as moving home is never without an element of stress at the best of times but if they are leaving a tenancy, the cleaning alone is stressful enough. A tenant will be expected to hand over a property in the same condition it was when they first became a tenant and that means to a very high standard of clean, one which most people are used to attaining in their day to day lives.

In order to reduce the stress at a time like this, a tenant should consider hiring professional cleaners for two very good reasons. First, they will not have the stress of wondering if the property is clean enough to meet with the property manager’s expectations and secondly they will save themselves a lot of time and painstaking work doing the cleaning themselves.

The cost, however, is always a factor but considering that the manager will hire a cleaning company anyway, if the property is not up to standard, and charge the tenant the cost anyway, the tenant should be prepared to have that amount on hand anyway. If a tenant does, however, hire the cleaners themselves, they will have more control over what they actually clean and therefore more control over how much is charged. Some tenants may decide just to have professionals clean one room which is particularly difficult and be confident they can sufficiently clean the rest of the property themselves without falling foul of the property managers’ expectations.

The cost a professional cleaning company charges for cleaning just one or maybe even two is of course far less than they would charge for cleaning a whole property which is what the property manager may hire them to do if they are not happy with the standard in any one room. Assessing their own capabilities is therefore important for a tenant, as is knowledge of what tasks they are doubtful in doing themselves, not to a standard required anyway.

Professional cleaners, on the other hand, are very adept at what they do and often have received training in the most effective and speediest ways to clean any rooms they may be asked to clean. They will know the standards expected of them and will quickly work to meet those standards. This means that a tenant and their family is disrupted only for the shortest possible time, allowing for a relatively stress-free experience. Although prices in London may be higher than elsewhere, a cleaning company’s fees are usually reasonable and most people think that the time, effort and stress they can save is good value for money.